Webkinz Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever 10.5″ Plush New



NEW! Each Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever Webkinz plush comes with a secret code that allows for the owner to log on to the Webkinz website and adopt a virtual version of their pet Members can look after, care for, feed, and nurturing their pet online Games and quizzes on the website are geared for different age and grade levels and new activities and challenges added regularly Great for children of all ages!


The Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever is a pale golden color. It has brown eyes with large black pupils. Its nose is black. Its plush version has a notably distinct smile.


The Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever is a loving friend that always manages to look quite fetching! Both loyal and fun, this adorable dog will be able to rest up for their next playtime with you in their Playful Pup Bed! And when they are feeling hungry, make sure you serve them a delicious meaty meal like a Golden Rib Steak!


Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in